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Our wedding cake

Posted on: March 21, 2009

Seeing as though i’m posting a lot about cakes, i thought i would share a picture our wedding cake. Our wedding date was the 9th September, 2006 and i know this sounds so cliche, but time really has flown since then.

We were married on what we hoped would be a beautiful spring day, but mother nature had other ideas in mind for us. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a beautiful day, just not very ‘springy’! I was checking the weather report on BOM like a mad woman in the lead up to the wedding and even though i knew it was going to be wet, i still woke up feeling a tad disappointed that i didn’t get my spring day. Lucky for me though the wet weather stopped exactly at the right moments (like getting out of the car at the church and for our location photos). We also found out when we received our proofs that the rain added an ambiance to our photos which we wouldn’t have achieved had it been bright and sunny.




Now, back to the cake – it was a chocolate mud (of course) cupcake tower.

Our wedding cake

Our wedding cake

We didn’t opt for traditional shaped cupcakes as i had purchased boxes which was going to be served as the bombonniere as we were having dessert and i wanted these cupcakes to fit in nicely.  On the boxes, it had ‘Marc & Jenny want you to have your cake and eat it too’ and the idea was that each guest would grab a cupcake and place it in the box before they left.

Our bombonniere box

Our bombonniere box

On each table we also had easels with a note saying ‘This little box will need to wait, until it’s time to cut the cake, then you’ll find it’s perfect home, for a yummy cupcake of your own’. We had a lot of comments from our guests saying they loved the idea and thought it was clever. I remember painstakingly printing, cutting and sticking the labels on but after hearing all those comments it was definitely worth it!




2 Responses to "Our wedding cake"

A great cake.

I love how you took the wedding cupcake idea and made it even better. I love the design… from a distance it looks like a traditional wedding cake, until you get up close!


Jenny I still look at your photos and get a very giddy feeling, I sooo wanted a few rain shots. I had an Autumn wedding and a little bit of rain would have been nice. Your rain shots are my favourite wedding photos of all time! I had a perfectly sunny day. The grass is always greener, huh?! We had our cake cut into squares and given as bonbonniere in little boxes but so many people forgot to take them home! I was so sad, I send ages designing the boxes.

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