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Planet Cake Xmas Cupcake Charity Drive

Posted on: December 22, 2008

Last Saturday, my friend Genevieve and I woke up nice and early to attend a cupcake charity drive held by Planet Cake. The aim of the day was to decorate 3500 cupcakes to be delivered to Sydney’s homeless on Christmas Eve. We know cupcakes aren’t life changing, but who wouldn’t appreciate a yummy cupcake? I know i’ll never say no to one!

Not only were we there for a great cause, we also had lots of fun and learned a few tips and tricks as well. We made a pretty funky looking cupcakes and so cute ones too. So much so that i can’t bear to eat them!

Here are the cupcakes we had to make. Since we were the morning shift, our aim was 1000 cupcakes in 2 hours.

A photo guide of the cupcakes

A photo guide of the cupcakes

Joseph was our team leader who guided us through the steps.

Joseph showing us how to apply buttercream

Joseph showing us how to apply buttercream

The un-iced cupcakes. Imagine how much batter and hours of baking to make 3500 cupcakes!

30 cupcakes per box

30 cupcakes per box

Christmas pudding cupcakes. Decorated with chocolate and white fondant.

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding

Elf cupcakes – one of my favourites! They look so life like with the hat and ears.

Oh so cute Elf cupcakes

Oh so cute Elf cupcakes

Another favourite of mine is the Santa. Decorated with fondant and royal icing.

Ho Ho Ho - Santa cupcakes

Ho Ho Ho - Santa cupcakes

These poinsettia cupcakes were gorgeous. I don’t think the photo does it justice but it really was beautiful with the green and red and gold cachous.

Poinsettia cupcakes

Poinsettia cupcakes

And last but not least, snowman cupcakes. Decorated with blue and white fondant and orange fondant for it’s nose. The face and body parts were painted on with black edible paint. Too cute.

Snowman cupcakes

Snowman cupcakes

See what i mean by them being too cute to eat?


5 Responses to "Planet Cake Xmas Cupcake Charity Drive"

These are far to gorgeous to eat! I like the Santa ones the best.

Good on you for helping out the community at Christmas time.xx

Wow Jen.

You’re so kind.

Good job. xx

Wow! These look amazing.

Good work, what a lovely thing to do.

Thanks girls. I had so much fun and wished i could’ve stayed longer. I still refuse to eat them as they’re so cute!

Oh i’ve been looking everywhere to get some Elf cupcakes for my little boys Birthday party he’s having a santas workshop party and I wonder if you sell these cup cakes ??

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