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Mad about cupcakes

Posted on: November 6, 2008

My obsession with cupcakes is growing by the day. I’m not sure why i love them so much. Maybe it’s my obsession with all things small. Lately, i’ve been searching all things cupcake. As i trawl through thousands of sites featuring cupcakes i’m finding myself totally inspired by all the amazing, creative creations out there. I’ve got hundreds of pics saved for inspiration but here just are a few of my favourite:

Lace cupcake wrappers – so perfect for a wedding

Lace cupcakes

Lace cupcakes

GO OBAMA! What better way to celebrate history in the making than with an Obama cupcake!

Obama cupcake

Obama cupcake

 Pretty cupcakes perfect for a bridal shower or afternoon tea

Pretty in pink cupcake

Pretty in pink cupcake

 These dog cupcakes are perfect for your little pooch’s birthday. They almost look too good to eat!

Dog cupcakes

Dog cupcakes

 This cupcakes reminds me of Martha Stewart. So pretty and elegant.

Chic cupcakes

Chic cupcake


7 Responses to "Mad about cupcakes"

I’m obsessed with cupcakes too. I don’t know what it is but I could just look at cupcakes all day. I just love things in the miniature. I’ve always had the same fascination with dollhouses.
Funnily enough, I have only ever eaten three cupcakes in my life. The rest have been muffins. I really love the pink ones with the ribbon in this post.
I love the Cupcake Takes the Cake blog too.
I’m not too into novelty cakes – I like mine classic and classy. A simple swirl. Ready for a wedding or a cocktail party. Made for adults rather than children.
There are some great images on flickR.

I love the doggies! So adorable!

I adore cupcakes! There is something so perfect about them – what great pics. I love the lace wrapppers. How elegant. We’ve done a listing of all the cupcake shops in London on our site which I hope your readers will check out if they ever travel to London. I’ve inlcuded the exact link above.


The lace cupcakes are gorgeous. They are not just for cupcakes. Awesome for candies and beautiful with candle votives inside to decorate the tables…

I fell hard for them when I saw the photos here. Bought here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lisasu

It was awesome.

I love decorating cupcakes it’s so peaceful to me! When I’m decorating them I’m in my happy place :)…..I LOVE your pictures now I have ideas I especially love the doggies and the purple roses!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST MORE!!!!!!!

I used to be totally against cupcakes before, because I never tasted and their looks is just too beaufiful to put in my mouth!
but not before few weeks ago, i went to a workshop and they offered the free mini cupcake, after i ate it, OMG it tastes sooo good, that’s the moment when i fall in love with it~! i still remember the topping is the vanilla with a small blue flower…so beautiful! you cup cake picture looks fabulas~!really want to eat the pink one with ribben XDXD

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